Whiteness Meter

Whiteness Meter is a professional instrument for testing the white degree of objects surface. The instrument is composed by lamp-house, optical lens, SPC (Silicon Photo Cell), relative signal processing circuits, display, printing machine and testing components and so on. Featured with compact structure, novel appearance, simple operation, good stability and high accuracy, it is widely applied in products testing and control in sectors such as grain, food, chemical, textile, ceramic and paper-making. The instrument uses the integrating spheres to measure absolute spectrum of diffuse reflection. The standard illumination and observation conditions all accord with the diffused illumination and vertical detection, namely so-called d/o formula. The results would be displayed by digital tube and could be printed out.


  • Professional equipment to measure the blue whiteness of the object surface.
  • High testing accuracy and easy to operate.
  • Digital display and with printer built in
  • Compact structure and novel appearance